Happy Dog Muzzle

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Happy Muzzle Dog Muzzle
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San Francisco, CA 94131
happy dog muzzle happy dog muzzle
Introducing a product that redefines the dog muzzle with colorful fabrics and cheery patterns

To purchase, locate a dealer near you from our
list of dealers, or order directly from us using the form to the right. Please don't hesitate to contact us for sizing questions.

The Happy Muzzle Dog Muzzle is Great for:

• Preventing dog barking and biting
• Safe veterinary visits
• Preventing scavenging
• Taking dogs on public transportation

The Happy Muzzle Dog Muzzle Story:

At Happy Muzzle, we love dogs and like to see them happy. We designed this dog muzzle with the understanding that sometimes, dogs will be dogs. They might nip, bite, or just want to ride the bus, and muzzling is sometimes necessary. Unfortunately, there is a stigma to wearing a muzzle: dogs look scary, but the Happy Muzzle dog muzzle eliminates that stigma. Now your dog will be safe, secure, and look happy, too.

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